ANDREY IGOREVICH PEREVALOV (NICKNAME – ANZHEY) was born in Achinsk, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia

• an educator, stage director, organizer; a teacher of acting and stage directing, of speech and plastics;
• a psychologist, art-therapist, body-therapist; the expert in the development of personal creativity;
• the creator of the “First Virtual Theater”, the “Civil Creative Union of St. Petersburg”, the Artel of holidays “Magic bus / Magic van”, the Game Theater Practice Lab “Pereval_love”, and the School “Pereval_love”.


Andrey Igorevich Perevalov is from Siberia! He carries his grandmother surname – Sofia Vasilievna Perevalova, the honored teacher of Russian language and literature in Achinsk, Krasnoyarsk region. His maternal grandfather, Alexander Andreevich Kholkin, was an actor of an independent traveling theater during the civil war. Then he studied engineering and served as the head of government communication section of the East Siberian railway during the Second World War, and after it.

The second branch of Anzhey’s family tree is rooted in the Don Cossacks by the name of Tarasov. It is known that the centurion Tarasov (the ancestor of Anzhey’s great-grandmother Elizaveta Ivanovna Tarasova) led a Cossack delegation to Tsar Fedor III. Anzhey feels extra appreciated to his grandfather, Isaiah Abramovich Makhlin, as well, who was a colonel of the Soviet Army, and a cavalier of the Order of the Red Banner and the Order of the Red Star. He passed the entire Second World War, and raised three sons, Anzhey’s father was the eldest one.

When Anzhey studied at school, his parents divorced. His mother, Lyudmila Alexandrovna Makhlina brought her son (still Andrey Makhlin then) alone since he was 12. At the same time, she headed the agitation and propaganda department of the Tashkent regional party committee. Before his parents divorced, Andrey was an excellent student. But it was too hard for him to survive his parents’ breaking, so he stopped going to school. However, it did not prevent him from studying in a math class, and from entering the psychology faculty of Tashkent University right after his graduation.

The name Anzhey was given to him during his studies at GITIS, under the direction of Anatoly Alexandrovich Vasilyev. His birth name, Andrey, was confirmed by accepting the sacrament of baptism at the Moscow St. Danilovsky Monastery through his classmate, then hieromonk Daniil (Ishmatov), after the training.

Primary activity:

- acting experience and leading master classes, development and improvement of professional skills of actors, personal creativity, and training work;
- staged and organizational working in the theater, on television, in educational and cultural organizations;
- managing the creative organizations, teaching in creative universities of Russia and abroad.


- graduated from Tashkent State University, as a teacher of history and psychology by specialty;
- graduated from State University of Theater Art (RATI, Moscow), as a director of drama theater and cinema (a course by the Honored Artist of Russia Anatoly Vasilyev);
- graduated from the graduate school of St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatrical Art (RGII), the topic of his thesis: "Moral imperative, professional training and development of the modern actor";
- studied at the Higher Theater School named after Shchepkin (Moscow), as an actor of dramatic theater and cinema by speciality (the National Artist Course of the USSR by M. I. Tsarev and R. G. Solntseva);
- practiced at “Mosfilm” with a course by a film director Sergei Solovyov (All-Union State Institute of Cinematography, Moscow) as a movie director by specialty;
- worked on probation at the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater (Moscow) with the Honored Artist of Russia, director N.I. Sheyko as a directing drama theater by specialty;
- worked on probation at Yezhi Grotowski Work Center (Pontedera, Italy).

Anzhey began his career at the age of 16.

After serving in the Soviet Army, he worked as a freed secretary of the Komsomol committee, then as a deputy director of the secondary school, and a correspondent for the Taimyr radio on Dickson Island in Dudinka. In summer 1987, he left Dudinka and went to Arkhangelsk by an icebreaker, and then moved to Moscow to enter the acting department.

Since 1987, he has associated his activities with the theater, television and cinema, working as:
- The head of the Student Theater in the Moscow Institute of History and Archives (Moscow)
- the director of TV channel "Russia": children's and entertainment programs, and documentary films (Moscow)
- the head of the private television company “Twins Tech” (Moscow)
- the director and an actor of the School of Dramatic Art Theater by Anatoly Vasilyev (Moscow)
- the director trainee in the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater (Moscow)
- the head of the expedition to study the ancient Oriental Theater Tsam in Buryatia (Ulan-Ude)
- the head of the municipal enterprise “Odessa Open Theater-School”, where he teaches acting skills and direction to this day.

In 1998, he opened the International Academic School of Acting and Directing (MASHA MIR) at the Odessa Film Studio, Ukraine, with the support of the director Anatoly Vasilyev and the city mayor Eduard Gurvitsa. He manages the organization, teaches the acting and directing, and related specialties. He gets power of attorney from the VTU Schepkin and GITR to establish branches of Russian universities in Odessa. But after the unlawful removal the mayor of the city, Eduard Gurwitz, from his post, and the physical destruction of his closest supporters, Anzhey is subjected to sharp attacks by a gang of Ukrainian officials and cultural leaders, as well as media controlled by them, who were outraged by vigorous activities of the director from Moscow.

In 2001, Anzhey went on a world tour from Portugal to India by bicycle, exploring various theater forms and techniques. After the trip, he gets the invitation from the rector of St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Art (SPSATA) Lev Sundstrem and moves to St. Petersburg, where he enters the post-graduate school of SPSATA.

Since 2003:
- directs the theater-laboratory of the St. Petersburg State Maritime Technical University, teaches acting and directing, and related specialties;
- creates and heads the Non-Profit Partnership Experimental Creative Workshops of St. Petersburg (an association of creative projects and organizations with a wide range of cultural activities).

When studying at the post-graduate school, Anzhey leads master-classes at Novosibirsk State Theater Institute and St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts. During the activity of New acting school studio he produces such educational performances as: «The Picture of Dorian Gray», «Acting non stop», «Little Christmas Sketches», «Algerian woman». His student performance «Sex romance» takes part in International Romance Festival «Sea capitals of the world». The festival was organized and held at the representation of St. Petersburg and Odessa Maritime Universities.

In 2007 Anzhey stars the construction of an eco-village near St. Petersburg, which he plans as an international creative camp. In the summer, 2007, 2009, and 2010, on the site of the village there was a training, some master classes and creative promotions held by Anzhey’s students, and supporting by some specialists in music, singing, plastic and theater.

In 2008 Anzhey conducts master classes for young actors of Rybinsk drama theater. The main meeting topic with actors was an attempt to unite the schools of Russian psychological and game theaters. In the summer of that year, Anzhey together with some of his students from St. Petersburg goes on a journey through the cities of Siberia and Middle Asia. The project of the journey held the name «From Baikal through Altai to Issyk-Kul - Vampilov, Shukshin, Aitmatov» («In the search of friends all over the world»). During the journey there were creative acquaintances, and different material for acting work was gathered as well. Anzey conducts master classes in Altai State Academy of Culture and Arts, and some other cultural centers.

In 2009 Anzhey creates the first virtual theater in Russia. His students, as well as people from different cities in Russia, got a possibility of creating and view performance online.

In 2009- 2010 the New acting school studio continues working. The primary activity is training. In 2010, during revolutionary action in Kyrgyzstan, Anzhey implements his own theatrical project «Kyrgyzstan - we are with you». Young professional actors from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan together with Anzhey’s students took part in the project. A weekly master class «with the immersion» was led in the territory of the spiritual center «Aalam Ordo», which is placed on the shores of the lake Issyk-Kul. The subject of the master class was mythology, and the main material to work out was the story by Chingiz Aitmatov «The White Steamer». All the sketches were stacked in express performance, and with the using all the possibilities of the center space. At the end of the master class, this performance was staged in the Russian Drama Theater in Bishkek.

In 2011 Anzhey takes part in the 4th All-Russian Theater Forum in Moscow, where he shares his idea of theater development by uniting its «official» and «informal» kinds.

In December, 2011, Anzhey creates «The Civil Creative Union», which includes a group of famous and novice artists of St. Petersburg, who share and understand the social meaning of art and creativity. He holds three concert rally in the Nekrasovsky square (the Greek garden); he also holds a press conference with Leonid Parfenov, and a conference according to the results of the first concert rally, where Dmitry Bykov and Artemy Troitsky spoke out. Either, he participated in «the Round Table» with the governor of St. Petersburg Georgiy Poltavvchenko, where he was the first to put forward the idea of creating an independent protest creative platform in St. Petersburg, which afterwards has become a prototype of the creation of an analog of the Hyde Park.

In 2012 he held some master classes in St. Petersburg cultural centers and at the festival of youth theaters. In June, 2012 Perevalov creates his theater Club «Magic Bus» in the Loft Project «Etagi», where in 2012-2013 trainings with both professional actors and amateurs were held.

In 2014, at the invitation of the art-director of Electrotheatre “Stanislavsky” Boris Yukhananov, he comes to Moscow and holds a 7-day master class for actors and directors of the theater. December 8, he sets up the Game Theater Practice Lab “Pereval_love”.

In 2016 he returns to St. Petersburg, where he continues his training work on the basis of Laboratories and Schools created by him; continues working on the creation of mechanisms for uniting the school of the Russian psychological theater and the modern school of gaming, and of the metaphysical theater; and works on his thesis.

In November, 2017, at the site of the Theater «Masterskaya» Anzhey holds a master class with the 4th year students of Grigory Kozlov. Konstantin Raikin comes from Moscow to meet Perevalov and to get acquainted with his method and technics.

In December, 2018, a number of famous theatrical figures write an appeal to the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation and to the Chairman of the Union of Theater Makers of the Russian Federation with the request to assist Anzhey Perevalov in promotion of the method of game theater.

In January, 2019, Anzhey holds a 3-days training «Introduction to Game Theater» for masters of the Russian State Institute of Stage Art on the new stage of Alexandrinsky theater. The training is held in the form of the Laboratory at present.